If you live on a farm or in an agricultural region, such as I do living in Codiponte, you know there is always something to do… around the farm. No sooner have the Codipontesi harvested the last of their beans, tomatoes & zucchini than the season says… It’s time to go pick-up walnuts! IMG_4864What? they say. No way. Let the birds eat them. We’ve got the vendemia to do. Yes, there are grappoli e grappoli of grapes… You jabbed me in the stomach the other day as he studied those hanging over the entrance steps to Our English Friends house. See, we could have those too, implying a lack of initiative on My Part. Va’ be’. Il Poggiolo has two vines sprouting out of the tall retaining wall of the aia… or, courtyard. One is red and the other is white and the grapes are pathetic. Not worth the trouble. This year though, I suspect, and this is confirmed by the Codipontesi themselves, the grapes this year might already be sour, or worse. The weather here this summer has been too wet, or when not wet, too muggy, predicting a lousy vendemia. Might be best to grab those walnuts!



There are walnut trees scattered about. A big one is along My AM W-a-l-k With The Dogs. The walnuts have a soft gift-wrapping-gone-bad casing. Take that off and you have a classic walnut nut. Inside that is the meat. You swears by them. He eats them at night after dinner while watching some over-charged show on Italian TV. You says… 6 walnuts a day keeps the Alzheimer’s away. Hmmmm. Gads.

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