Topo Gigio update…

IMG_3504Cleaning the Stanza dei Tini yesterday, after the umpteenth scosse left debris everywhere… what do you expect with old mortar encrusted stone walls?… I managed to sweep-out from behind one of the tini the newfangled mouse trap where You had so courageously hidden it to check to see what was what. I opened the plastic container and found it was still stocked with the three Bread & Meat-sauce flavored poison packets I had put in lo’ those many pre-earthquake weeks before. I suppose Our Little Field Mouse, Topo Gigio, prefers Our Fields… AKA Our Garden… to Our Humble Home. Good. He’ll live longer, if he continues to roam other parts outside, unless, of course, Nina-beena happens upon him…. Watch-out, Little Topo Gigio. She’s a known KILLER! RUN!!! Gads.

2 thoughts on “Topo Gigio update…

  1. Hello, I happened upon your blog but havent read it in detail. I guess you must be American!!!!! your name sort of sounds it anyway.
    I certainly have never seen any UFO’s here despite frequent sky gazing.
    I wondered if you know Pauls emailing site where many if we expats exchange ideas and messages. Everyone@ourlunigiana, you might find it interesting if you haven’t already found it. Regards Gill

  2. Thanks Gill… Yes, an American. Guilty as charged. I had heard of the round-robin e-mail site but have never had cause to use it. Best Regards, Forrest

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