To fence or, not to fence…

More Post-Poisoning Fall-out…

an English friend here in Codiponte, a long time resident of the community for the past 20+ years, explained over coffee this morning that the locals HATE dogs that roam. Wild creatures to fear or avoid. The folk prefer dogs… or, any animal for that matter… to be securely confined inside a fenced compound. Their sense of Security knows no end when signs are posted stating… Attenti ai cani… or, Beware of the Dogs. What fun. Thus, their World can turn safely Defined, Controlled, Regulated.

This is an odd commentary of how we foreigners might view the Italian Peoples. We are erroneously led to believe… thanks to Italian film comedies & trite tourist tomes of 175 pages or less… that the Italians are steeped in Confusion, Disorganization, Disruption… Chaos. Not so. Our Italian Friends MUST HAVE Order, Specification, Commandments, etc. Is this perhaps the fault of The Church? Be forewarned, in any case, that Italy has more Laws, Rules & Regulations than 10 USAs or UKs put together. The I-peoples are content, secure to play their extra-legal games while knowing what holds them tight. Yet, not before they have sounded out others before doing so. Gaps shown are a green light to take advantage of weaknesses of the Ls,Rs & Rs to blow off from their self-induced regimentation. Ugh.

Up until September, I let My Adored Canines Run wild, run free.

The writing was on the rock wall though to My Laissez-faire Attitude to Canine Freedom… or, do I mean License?… way before The Moses’ Poisoning Episode. A month before Codiponte’s 1st of September sagra… or, festival… devoted to a local variety of apple, a person went to the police and lodged a complaint about roaming dogs. She/he/them were particularly incensed about the solid waste donations deposited on the by-ways of Codiponte. My Two Dogs were mentioned. There were other dogs nominated or even photographed. A policeman called… the very one who constantly tells me to move the AUDI illegally parked against the Medieval bell-tower of Casola while You & I are in The Bar for breakfast, on a Saturday morning, in Italy, for cryin’ out loud!!!… to caution me in friendly tones to keep My Dogs confined to Our Garden and absolutely leashed when out for passeggia… or, w-a-l-k.

Up until a week ago, I’d pile The Dogs into whatever vehicle was at hand and drive them to some country-back-road to let them Run wild, run free. Then, last Thursday happened.

Our English friend finished by saying it might be The Time to seriously consider fencing in Our Garden.


Her reasoning came in two parts… Part #1, The Dogs will be confined without my worrying where in the Hell they are or what they are licking, etc… and Part #2, a fence would give me Privacy by keeping Other People & Animals o-u-t.

Less yuck, but still.

As I have said, the Italians love fences… tall & tacky affairs standardly built of green painted metal stakes with a tightly woven green metal wire fencing strung between them. Then, they let have it with some plants which are green year round to grow an indomitable green wall 3 meters high… at least!!! Here is a neighbor’s example… and though cleverly hidden by all that green stuff, there really is a fence in there. Oh! By the way, You despises it. However, he puts A Positive Take on it by adding that the green wall does adequately hide the neighbor’s eye-sore of a yellow house…

Here is Option B for fencing all’italiana… the draw-back of this type is the necessity of a paint-job every four or five years. I can safely say that neither You NOR I will do that…

So now, admittedly, this is NOT the best example to show but, if You & I are forced by Our New Circumstances to erect a fence, Our Thought would be to follow a typically¬†contadino¬†solution involving heavy wood stakes… perhaps, staining them in Our Signature Rusty Color… and stringing an equally rusty colored & heavy gage chicken-wire fencing between them. Hate to think of the Cost & Work to synch-in the perimeter of Our 20,00 Square-foot Garden. Anyone good with Math? Here is a shot of a remnant of a contandino recinzione¬†from il Poggiolo’s Past-History…







Yes, I know. Maybe I should just keep The Dogs on real long ropes. Gads.



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