This year’s hydrangeas…

I love hydrangeas!!! The more the merrier for me. Got to water though. It’s worth it. The compliments come from all sectors, stations in life, situations, etc. when they are in bloom. The ad hoc riot of white, pale blue & rose, fuxia & pink and an inky blue are just what is needed in these days of instability, uncertainty… and an acute lack of sleep!!! I wake up drowsy after a tremor-filled night, open the window to check on the fish pond… like gold-fish could ever be a detection device for earthquakes or tremors.. and end up gazing upon big snow balls of flowers. A moment of Peace & Joy. Gads.


2 thoughts on “This year’s hydrangeas…

  1. Thank you. Everyone in the village thanks me for that bank of color though they plants need constant watering! F

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