The Topics of the holiday…

You & I spent a lot of time socializing in Codiponte during Our Holiday Stay from the Day- after-Christmas to Capodanno. There were two sorts of encounters…

Have a caffe’ and a piece of panattone with the locals. In one busy afternoon, we paid visits to three of our favourite Codipontesi neighbors and at each stop it was… Have a caffe’ and a piece of panettone. We came home with severely disturbed stomachs. By the way, for those who are not familiar with this Italian Christmas staple called panettone, beware that it is a sweet bread big as a chef’s hat and often adulterated with chocolate, nuts, or candied fruit. The last does My Intestinal Track no end of trouble. Add all the caffe’ and… well, never mind. You still complains of coffee poisoning. But, it would be rude to refuse, You! And, especially, when one & all were so complimentary about what we have done with Il Poggiolo. Have another slice of panettone? Si, grazie!


IMG_1701 IMG_1353 IMG_2334


pranzi o cene with Our Local Non-Italian Friends, who, like us, had the silly notion to buy & renovate an old house. Even before the white wine, The Topic of Conversation gravitated almost immediately to builders. Must’ve been something in the air or, with what we were nibbling & sipping. Or, no one was much disposed to talk about rising utilities fees & taxes. I don’t blame them. So, onto i nostri costruttori. And, The Verdict… near universal for all those undertaking such Buy & Re-build initiatives after Ryanair was invented & invaded Pisa Galileo Galilei Airport… for cryin’ out loud… carrying masses of mostly English persons with Pound Sterling burning holes in their pockets, anxious to be in Tuscany yet, without forking-over funds for all that over-priced real-estate south of Firenze. Whew!… was none had… A… Nice… Word… to… say… about their builder. All felt abused, bilked & cajoled by them. I aptly commiserated by harkening down My Memory Lane with Stories of Builder Sturm und Strang… lots of S & S, if you recall September 23, 2011… and all splashed in a constant medley of blog posts for the past four years. But then, in mid-breath, I was cautioned by one Very Dear to Me…

IMG_1701 IMG_1353IMG_2334





…You, who quietly asked me to make A Fairer Assessment for what-all Our Builder had accomplished for us with Il Poggiolo, instead of berating His Record with what You felt were Minor Infractions. Oh? I see. So September 23rd was just a trial run for a heart attack? With No Reply, I changed course. You’s council guided me to recognize the many, many items of Builder Expertise by Ours at Il Poggiolo, now since forgotten. I’ll give you a Summation though… We gave the Builder a dump and he returned it as a…? As a…? As a villa? Perhaps not. But, a house with a roof that doesn’t leak, for sure!!! I am grateful, appreciative & beholden onto him… Yes!… Our Builder. What a way to kick in 2013? You’s resolution for me in the New Year is to stick with the Italian. Gads.

















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