The difference a year can make…

Here is the state of Il Poggiolo one year ago. Besides all that crap strewn about The Garden… and, I must say, after days of rain before this shot was taken, The Mess does look less menacing. It has all gone to mud… please note the Key Item… No! Not the orange ruspa… or, bulldozer… but, the old roofs right about to collapse, so sodden are they!!! Inside a couple of the larger rooms of La Casa Grande… the lower roof behind the orange ruspa… there was more than a foot of water. No kidding. An indoor swimming pool.
And now, nearly upon this year’s New Year’s Eve, here is Il Poggiolo a year later. Again, this shot was taken after a long spell of heavy rains. In fact, the locals all tell me they have never seen so much acqua… or, water… in all their lives. Some of them are over 90 years old!!! There was a lull long enough for me to traipse out with my knee-high Wellies to take pictures. Soon afterwards, the wall of water returned. Thank God, Marcello… The Ruspa Jockey Par Excellence… and his mighty work of rebuilding the garden still holds against the watery onslaught.

What’s up? Well, I have PAID everyone off, so to speak. The second contract of rebuilding the roofs & consolidating the structures of La Casa Grande & l’Esseccatoio… or, drying shed… is finished. We are in discussion with our builder & geometra about how to properly fit-out the Upstairs Apartment. It is the part of the house in the left of the photo… we love the large window above the new-built reinforced concrete & stone wall of the ramp down to the grassy Spianata… or, “scenic” overlook… on the right in the photo. This apartment was the living quarters of the family who had rented Il Poggiolo for more than four generations. The last generation abandoned the Upstairs Apartment and its lack of conveniences… like an inside toilette!!!… for the modern renovations of La Casetta back in the 70’s. Then, there is the ongoing adventure of The Garden. But that is not until February… or, whenever The Rains stop. Gads.

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