A quiet Sunday morning…


and the temp is an already scorching 84F degrees at this wake-up hour of 7:45AM yet, the lilly flower risked opening its pinkie petals. The fish have sunk to cooler depths underneath their impromptu cane canopy. Smart. Gads.

2 thoughts on “A quiet Sunday morning…

  1. Dear Forrest,
    So sorry to read about the continuing tremors in your section of the world. Hopefully they will soon be a thing of the past. Your photos of the hydrangeas are wonderful. The photo of them on the wall is so lovely, what is the name of the hot pink variety?
    Do you have oak leaf hydrangeas in Italy? Do you amend the soil to change the colors? How is the rest of your garden blooming?
    Thanks for posting the lovely photos of your garden.

  2. I am back in Codiponte after a very successful hop across the Pond… though I find air travel atrocious = TSA, delays, cancellations, convenience but no real service, etc. You said there have been very few after-shocks. Felt one yesterday at Noon. A light rumbling and was over in seconds. As for the hydrangeas, I cannot give you the name of the hot pink. I was told it does not need the same type of Mother Earth as the other colors. And yes, we have several “oak-leaf” varieties in Italy and others with similar leaves to the “classic” hydrangeas but, the flowers are not snow cones of color. Hard to describe what… tiny squares or, layers, etc. The garden is brown. I am watering every morning & night. A couple of bushes have been burned by the heat. Love, Forrest

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