Storming weather…

…or, that’s what You calls rainy¬†weather. The Italians, as a race and You is at the forefront, HATE rain. Even a drop of 02 from the Heavens Above threatens their benessere to a degree not seen in other peoples. Perhaps its their biblical fear of another 40 days/40 nights of flooding. Chissa? You is ALWAYS in a foul humour when any kind of precipitation is predicted or manifested. He demonstrated this just this morning, when I called to wish him a Buon Giorno. It was raining outside his hospital as we spoke. Frankly, I was surprised that he was even near a window. Eye doctors work in the dark. Well anyway, I talked, the other groaned. No storming here in Codiponte. Little sun, lots of water filled clouds racing by a 20 mph and that amazing blue sky of late, clouds etched with white, the black of the chestnut hills…

IMG_5238 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235

Your just does not know what he is missing with his little fear of getting wet. Gads.

4 thoughts on “Storming weather…

  1. hey the 2 of yYou,
    just wondering if your ok, i keep reading about major floodings in our little part of the world.
    let me know if you are safe and sound. big hug, h

  2. Hi! Nice to hear from you, Heike. Miss you. Dogs & I are fine. Scared with the torrential rains & lightning, hail & terrific winds from 2 till 6 this morning. River topped its banks. Everything in the flood plain underwater for most of the day. Many have mud, rocks & debris from mud-slides behind the Commie House, downed walls and just plain too much water. An alert has been extended until tomorrow evening. Hope you & Reinhold are high & dry! Much love and thanks again for your message, Forrest

  3. good to hear that you are ok, so close to the river and your bridges are still holding.
    berlin enjoys some last sunny days. i just came back from my film premiere at the viennale, i think the audience liked it, but my last couple weeks have been quite busy because of it.
    i keep my fingers crossed that the water will fall and return to it’s bed without much more damage. rei and i are going to be on the hill by the end of the month, so we might be able to meet up before you head back up north.
    would love to spend an evening.
    cheers, h

  4. Yes, I thought it was about time for your moment… moments?… under the lights in Vienna. Again, very exciting and congratulations! We will be in touch! Love, Forrest

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