Stolen Rocks…

Shhhhh!!! Stolen rocks. I stole them. Quite bold, no?
I discovered that I had been speaking with the WRONG PEOPLE about stone/rocks/bread-box-sized-boulders and their sources for replenishing my now non-existent back-stock. You do not talk with housewives & children!!! No. I asked builders and every one of them said when queried… I drive a flat-bed tractor down to the river and get them there! So, that is where I went with Our Stone Mason  last Thursday afternoon. He has a very handy flat-bed tractor. We went to an area that was once the in-field of a Motor-cross track down by the Torrente Aulella. The track died from too many Italian Rules & Regulations. There might have been some nasty accidents too…. kids, suddenly separated from their dirt-bikes, flying through the air & landing in the hospital with broken collar bones, etc. The spot was a buffet of stones/rocks/bread-box-sized-boulders. Plus, they weren’t so rounded like the ones you pull right out of the torrente’s waters. Relatively square. We happily returned to Il Poggiolo with our load. I would have greatly appreciated had Our Stone Mason refrained from mentioning that, if we were caught by the Forestry Service, there would be a hefty fine to pay. Blessedly, we were undetected!!! Gads.

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