Season of guests…

IMG_1056The Guest Season 2013 is on!!!…

The first shot arrived on Wednesday. Five under 25-somethings spilled out of a rented FIAT SUV… an Italian oxymoron, if there ever was one. And, what an eclectic bunch too: 3 Canadian girls… sorry. They should wear tags, spiffy-up a recognizably national accent or, sport weird ethnic hair-dos, so we, Ignoramuses of the World, might take them for Canadians instead of, mistakenly, as facsimile Americans… an irresistibly confidant & charming Brit-fellow from Newcastle preforming the service of Master of the Ceremonies, and a tag along token American. Like puppies eager for the next bit of fun to run, the crew pulled out back-packs, purses, heavy-duty shopping bags filled with recent wine purchases and… and since IT IS 2013, several ipad & imusic-boxes…???… and off we all… The Dogs included… climbed up the multi-ramps of Il Poggiolo to the Appartamento Azzurro. They were unprepared for their mouths to drop open upon entering the once-upon-a-time abode of the contadini. Became hard for them to leave the scenic overlook terrace of the apartment to go out to dinner in a local osteria. I had to call the owner twice to move the reservation to a much later hour.

The kids are here until next Wednesday. They intend to tackle Rome before dispersing to their respective home-countries. I have two days to restore Peace & Cleanliness before a professional photographer shows up to photograph what-all… both inside & out… of Il Poggiolo and the next bout of Summer Guests. An American family from Nebraska with two uncles in tow. One & all hankering to restitch their Italian roots yanked from a village nearby to Codiponte immigrating to America. Cannot wait to discover how-why-when Nebraska was chosen to set-down new roots. However, the email exchanges have been delightful with the Team Leader.

Due in afterwards are an Australian family on, apparently, a standard holiday of 6 weeks on the Italian peninsula, an American couple from the retirement community in North Carolina where My Dear & Aged Mother lives and, again, another crew of Australians… well, a couple from Melbourne in Italy for some R & R after a conference in middle Tuscany.

I get a breather by fleeing to the US for a family reunion… shhh!!! It’s a surprise.

And then, joy of joys, I go into hospital for a hip replacement operation. Ah, yes! Burying 2,000+ flora with a shovel has taken its toll upon my 60 year old hips. Che sara’… gads.


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