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IMG_0203One of these vacation rental websites offered me a 90 day free listing, if, obviously, I were to place an ad with them within the next 24 hours. Sure!!! I then ate up all of those 24 hours, and then some, trying to get the Special Offer Secret Code off my laptop and onto the specially prepared Confirmation Form for a return-to-sender e-mail. The Apple gadget felt I ought to be protected from what it judged to be a dangerously junky e-mail. No access to The Code!!! After several attempts, I resorted to an e-mail to the website’s Support seeking HELP. On about Hour #36, I was given a NEW!!! Special Offer Secret Code. And off I went, writing, uploading photos and the rest for Il Poggiolo’s three houses.

I have to say, this particular vaca-site was super easy to use for dummies, graphically pleasing for those lazily illiterate and with pop-up prompts catching various errors and this well beyond Spell-check. Glorious. The whole kit-and-kabuttle of placing three ads took me a little under two hours. That may seem a lot to the uninitiated but, it’s nothing to the likes of some other vaca-sites. One, a bit behind the IT Times… engaged all My Computer Skills for nearly 10 hours of posting 3 ads. Uploading & pasting the photos… and I was happily asked to put more-the-merrier onto each of the 3 ads, so, I did… were the major culprits. I strove to persevere, a previously unknown quality now added to My List of Character Traits. Came with the territory, darn-it.

All hummed Well & Good with the free offer site. The cybernetic pike was busy with e-mails of thanks, others for coming on board to be a part of a world-wide membership, still others with Helpful Tips. Then, early last week, an e-mail barreled-in offering an additional 30 days free if… yes, if… I could corral a few Guest Reviews. Or, so said the jargon. What is Our World coming to? Apparently, Our Thanks are due… with or without Our Consent… to Trip Advisor for turning Our World into a mass of skeptics, if not furnished with at least one Review. I feel this is a further degeneration to Our Civilization begun with the dreadful invention of Self-Service. However, not to quibble too long with gripes about Marketing… dammit… I┬ácontacted nearly anyone or everyone… whichever happened foremost… who had set foot in Il Poggiolo. Even My Dear Bummed-hipped 84 Year-old Mother… for cryin’ out loud got bothered. Gratefully, most of the Contactees… ranging from Italy to Montana… rallied to produce A Review. So, let me share just one fine example of several noteworthy blurbs…

“La Dolce Vita”

We wanted to visit Italy off the tourist path…a place to experience a serene more private Italy that few tourists ever get to see.So this was the perfect place to relax after 2 weeks of sightseeing with crowds of people. Still, it was close to the Cinque Terra, Parma, Lucca and Florence which we reached by short drives or train rides. In Codiponte we strolled to aqua Paradiso, visited the church, hiked to the old monastery and the castle ruins on the hill above the village. But mainly we relaxed in the loggia with books, took naps in the garden, and enjoyed the company of the lovely owner…who is a wealth of information about Italian ways and the surrounding area. When we wanted something to do he gave us ideas and directions on how to get there. A day trip to Cinque Terra is wonderful…be sure to hike the Via Del Amore, and Lucca is an amazing walled city, about 1 hour away, where you can rent bikes and ride the top of the ancient wall (about 3 miles around) and have lunch in one of the side walk cafes. If you want to relax, hike or sightsee you can do it all staying at il Poggiolo. The apartment is a perfect combination of ancient charm and modern convenience that is beautifully decorated as well. The garden is so welcoming… overlooking the river and valley below, a perfect place for a glass of wine, a good book or a nap. All in all a great experience.

Wonderful, no? Did everyone take note? Anyone quivering to rent one of Il Poggiolo’s three houses say, sometime in the Summer? It’s wide-open, folks. Hopefully, not for long though. Gads.


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