Poltergeist or thief?…

IMG_3952These goblets were a belated yet highly appraised house-warming gift for Il Poggiolo from A Dear Genoese Friend. I do not have the heart to tell her… nor will I ever… that, last weekend, You & I had the full set of six Green goblets. Now, as you can see in the accompanying photo, there are only three left. And, again for the nth time in My Recent Life, I have had to turn upside down AND sideways the entire La Casa Grande trying to find The Missing… and, to no avail, naturalmente!!!

I was in a funk. So, I called You for Moral Support. I should have known better. Moral Support is not You’s best forte unless… unless you happen to be one of the downtrodden with bad eyesight. Then, he is all quiet concern. He said, during Our Brief Conversazione TelefonicaSomeone has taken them. Don’t you mean Something instead? No. You does not share in My Belief in a Poltergeist co-habitatiing with us at Il Poggiolo. No. He DOES THINK there’s a thief lurking about Our Premises and, while I am o-u-t with The D-o-g-s for a w-a-l-k, he/she/’cause it ain’t an it… according to Dott. You… sneaks in & steals Our Stuff!!! This, probably, is to let us know who’s IN CONTROL!!! Who is THE BOSS!!! It’s an Italian Thing. Top on the List too right after… A) insisting on explaining something to you which exhausts your endurance to listen… B) bureaucrats & other folk, who sit behind counters… I cannot say work… purposely taking their merry time shuffling papers and other non-sense, while you are at your wit’s end from having waited for hours & hours!!!… and C) asking directions and what you get is a hap-hazard finger pointed, often, in the opposing direction ’cause THEY AIN’T NEVER GOING TO SEE YOUR FACE AGAIN!!!… they think.  Unfortunately, because you are dealing with an Italian and/or Italians, if caught… which I did to a stupid vigilli one fine day in Florence… they, being A Crafty Folk. Go & read what the Experts said in a US Defense Department study about The Italian Character during WWII… always seem to have A Winning AND Discussion Ending Reply… damn them. Anyway, a light blinkered OFF & ON inside My Sixty-one Year Old Drug Rattled Post-Hip-Op Brain… maybe it’s a Brain. I’m not sure anymore.. of a small detail I had notice earlier… the door to the Stanza dei Tini/Lavaderia/Bathroom did not shut AND lock when closed as it had before all these shenanigans of Our Missing Stuff began to afflict us. The Math was easy… Our Stuff gone + Door won’t shut & lock = THIEF!!! Now, I have to figure out who is The Culprit. Knowing You, as I do, he would never make An Accusation of Anyone unless absolutely 100% SURE-FIRE of all The Cogent Facts. However, he will have considerable divertimento hypothesizing who might he or she be. Oh! This would be D) on the above List. Watch out!!! I fire when ready, as is the Character of those in the United States of America. Of course, I am well aware that that land is several thousand kilometers away from Codiponte, Tuscany Italy. So, if you will excuse me, I must shut AND lock all the doors & windows. Gads.




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