Ah… the fun of floor plans, materials & colors!!! The Upstairs Apartment’s program begins to take form & shape…
That hunk of wood is an example of the walnut planking & finish we want to put down as flooring throughout the apartment. The terrace, however… on the far left of the pencil-drawn floor plan in the photo… will have the same terra-cotta tiles we have used in La Casetta, naturally, weather-proofed to withstand freezing temperatures and tons of rain-water.
You can barely see the four areas which make up the Upstairs Apartment in the Floor Plan… the Terrace on the far left, followed by the Bedroom, the Bathroom is sectioned off by the new-construction walls… the walls are darkened in the drawing… with the rest of the apartment an open space main room of a Kitchen… upper right corner of the large room… Dining & Living Room. The Front Door is on the right in the large main room. The pergola will be outside the future Bathroom’s right-hand wall.
The paint color I like… and it will call for a trial panel, or two, before yelling, This is it!… is a medium blue with just a tiny touch of green paint example… 58B-50. I think it goes rather well with the flooring finish. However, I can just hear someone say… Ohhh! Eeets tooo darrrkk!!! Gads.

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