Open space…

Open space… yes, the Italians love to say “open space” because they can say it without mangling the English into another dimension of incomprehension. If they were to use our standard word “loft” it would come out as… lauwffffttt! So, here is our open space referred to as the Upstairs Apartment which, will be fitted-out next…
The Front Door to the apartment is on the left. From that ceiling cross-beam nearest that far window… it overlooks the Cortile below… will be a wall to enclose a bathroom. A sleeping lauwffffttt will be above it & reach-out to the cross-beam nearest the Front Door. The niche in the corner on the left will be where an old stone sink will be mounted. The toilette & bidet will be on the wall between the sink and the window. The shower… for lack of space… will be placed in front of the window. Poor window. A sliding door will close off & give some privacy between the bathroom and the bedroom, whose doorway is out of sight in this photo. On the right-hand & opposite the Front Door will be a fireplace with large metal tubes to furnish warm air throughout the apartment. 
Now, the Front Door… barely visible… is on the right in this photo. The new Kitchen will be housed as a built-in bank on the right & close to the niche on the right of that window. It overlooks The Garden. There’s an old stone sink in that niche which will go to the Bathroom. The fireplace will be on the left-hand wall right about where there is a little indentation in the wall. The rest of this open space will be unobstructed up to the new ceiling… these photos were taken before the new roof was put on… and used as Kitchen, Dining & Living Rooms. Those far cross-beams will be removed & used for a pergola outside the Front Door covering a lovely area for long summer lunches under the shade.
This is a shot of the Bedroom and the doorway out to the terrace. Its ceiling will be visible, just like in the open space of the living area. There is another window overlooking the Cortile below and the olive strewn hills in the distance. All the walls will be freshly stucco-ed & painted a medium blue. And, imagine hardwood planking flooring through-out the apartment.
The work is to start in January after Epiphany on the 6th. I have to sign another contract. However, before I scribble my “John Hancock”, I want resolved The Big Question of how soon the builder thinks he can finish the work what with all the humidity from the rains of late & predicted to last for some time into Spring. Gads.

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