One year ago today…

Earthquake in Lunigianaon the 21st of June of last year at 12:33PM the Earth shook. And it steadily shook for the next three months. Over 2,000 after-shocks above 2.0 on the Richter scale, the real & true terrorism of any & all earthquakes.

To belabor a point… you never want to be within even hearing distance of an earthquake, much less own a home a mile away. Trust me.

So, an anniversary. I grabbed a bottle of pro-secco and a bag of potato-chips… and if you are not aware of this: potato-chips are a miracle drug, bar none; the greatest invention of mankind… and I high-tailed it to Our English Friend’s a¬†fare un brindisi alle crepe… or, to make a toast to the cracks! Gads, I felt better.


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