My latest hiatus…

Sorry for My Long Absence; I’ve been terribly occupied. May I do the explanation in the reverse? Let me start with The Frightening to the Absurd, finishing with A Happy Event…

last Thursday morning, about ten minutes after concluding Our Morning Constitutional around Codiponte, My Adored Canine, Moses, reared-up from his bed bolt rigid & eyes bulging our of their sockets. I knee-jerk thought it was either a fit or poison. I immediately called Our Vet to alert him of Our Fast Arrival. A trip which normally takes 20 minutes was done in 12. Dott. Tognari… A Fine Man, An Excellent Human Being and A Superb Veterinarian… knew exactly the situation upon seeing Moses. How many times in 30+ years of practice has he seen the signs of strychnine poisoning? 60 liters of water later and massive doses of a counter-acting series of drugs, were we able to flush out of Moses’ stomach the bits of adulterated salami and its casing saturated with the deadly AND highly illegal poison and attempt to maintain some control over the convulsions. The rest of the very long day was spent dealing with these… the very thing which could’ve KILLED MY DOG!!! You drove down from Genoa to help. By 11PM, The Dog was released from any further convulsions though he was running a terrific fever and his breathing was labored. You & I finally transported Moses home at 1:30AM. Friday & Saturday were spent back at the Vet’s to continue the therapy of Drips & Drugs, fighting to save this creature’s Life. I saw my Dad pass away. His death-rattle was atrocious but, nothing compared to the violence of what I say Moses suffer. May the person or persons… and I have my suspicions of who committed what is on the Italian Law Books as A Criminal Act, but, sadly, with No Proof… BURNS IN HELL on the Broil setting.

Before this dreadful event, I managed to loose the only key I had in Codiponte to My FIAT Barchetta. I looked everywhere for it… inside the 5,000 square feet of House… or, should I say, Houses?… the 20,000 square feet of Garden and the 5,382,000 square feet of Codiponte WITH ABSOLUTELY NO LUCK. I fell into an abject Depression. I also turned to white wine with little solace. On Day 3 of being way-laid in Codiponte… which is fine, if you can flee every now & then to Sarzana or Home. It’s terrible when one’s Automotive Freedom is given the chuck. May I say… I was a tad lazy. I wanted You to come on the weekend with extra keys I was sure were housed in a plastic envelope inside a binder in our apartment in Genoa. Naturally, they weren’t there when looked for. This meant leaving My Adored Canines, Moses  & Nina, with a local, hire a cab to drive me to the nearest station to catch a series of trains for home to search myself. Then, God intervened!!! Out with The Dogs on Our Morning Constitutional, I happened to see AND flag-down Our Local Mechanic. I asked him if he could forcible enter My Car. I had a weird idea that some faded document might have The Code for making a copy of the lost key. In less than a jiffy, the Deed was Done. And… LO’ & BEHOLD… inside the document folder were not one… not two… not even three… BUT FOUR EXTRA CAR KEYS!!! One for me… one for a spare in Codiponte… and two for Genoa. How ridiculous, no? I immediately drove You & myself to have a celebratory cappuccino in Casola.

The Party Preparations for il Poggiolo Party nearly stressed me into Oblivion… and Old Age, thanks to the impending arrival at 60!!! Not a waking or sleeping moment was lived without worrying about how we were going to pull this thing off. The very last of the episodic invitations… the latest indications for a safe arrival in Codiponte… caused an avalanche of last-minute cancellations. Many odd to weird excuses when previously there was only definite enthusiasm to show-up. Che sara’ sara’. The Body Count dove precipitously in a matter of a couple of days. We had too much food… too much drink… and not enough invitees to consume the stuff. I persevered and continued to work My Scottish Butt off in the Kitchen with a couple of knowledgeable friends. The day arrived. The guests arrived. WE AHD A KICKER OF A TIME!!! The ingredients of Our Success were… too much food… too much drink… too cute a singer… so many sparklers… two surprise birthday cakes… and all The Right Guests. Thank you. Now, folk are calling You to say they had heard from so-and-so of Our Fun Festa and how they wished they had been invited!!! Gads.










5 thoughts on “My latest hiatus…

  1. I have in deed missed hearing about your adventures, and am so terribly sorry to hear about Moses. What an absolutely awful experience. I do hope he recovers soon.

  2. Thanks so much for you comment, Sheila. Appreciate it a lot.
    Moses is on his way to a full recovery. It will need some time.
    All the best… Forrest

  3. First, I am so sad to hear about your dog but happy that he is doing much better. I want to ask you a question before you go back to Genoa. Can you recommend a place to buy plants – wisteria, roses, hydrangea. I am the person who is reniovating in Arlia above Fivizzano. We met at the bar in Fivizzano a while back. It appears you have beautiful plants and I thought you might know. Thanks for any help. Chris

  4. Dear Chris,

    Thanks for you comment. How could I forget you & your wife. Made my day. Not sure for You but…
    I buy nearly all my plants at Ravani. The nursery is on the left and across the street from a sports complex of soccer fields after Pallerone and before the traffic circle at Aulla. I normally deal with Sig.ra Carla, as Sig. Ravani is often away. The trick with this nursery is to arrive at the right moment or, in season. If Sig.ra Carla doesn’t have something, she’ll order it for you. Giovanelli at Santa Stefano di Magra… another traffic circle at the huge centro commerciale at the feet of the unfinished skyscraper is self service & expensive. Ravani gives me a discount when I buy in quantity. Not so with others. Apparently, there is another nursery on the road from Marinella on the back road to S.S. di Magra. I’ve passed it but have never stopped. Comes highly recommended by my English friends here in Codiponte.
    I’m away only for a week as You & I are hosting a party for his family… 40 folk… next weekend followed by my brother’s visit. At the middle of October, we’ll close the house up for a while. Any chance of meeting up before then?
    All the best, Forrest

  5. Forgot to give you the name of the nursery near Marinella… Spada… but, my friend tells me its sign is nearly non existent. That said, I did see the nursery from the road as I passed in the car.
    Again, all the best… Forrest

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