Last supper…

IMG_3516Hiked up to La Concia last night… a once-upon-a-time story-book Medieval tower cum 16th Century hemp dying center, thanks to a near unlimited on-site supply of O2, and now a relatively active B & B full of NLs, GBs & SWEs with children too… for dinner & conversation. There are two Ways to get there … 1. The Long Way, which Dr. You prefers since, he insists on dressing elegantly for any & all dinner invitations, regardless of locale, and does not want to ruin his brown suede pumps senza calze with Way #2, The Short Way, which is My Favored Avenue, because it’s FASTER, though it is also one of the more intense obstacle courses ever constructed out of planks, beams, gravel, junk. I like the challenge with My Bum Hip. IMG_0117Descending the same under the cover of darkness is especially challenging. Naturally, The One & Only Topic Of Conversation of the evening was The Earthquake. We exhausted it over a delightfully simple meal of melone e prosciuto crudo, una frittata di cipolle e pomodorini e un’insalata superba di zucchini in padella… all plucked from the vegetable garden below… and served with an excellent salsa di senape & erbe plus vast quantities of Lago Maggiore sparkling white wine. The evening air was light, the stars twinkled, the Moon appeared.

I don’t think I want to talk about The Earthquake anymore. I’ve managed to bore everyone AND Myself with My Formulated Opinions, Views, Complaints, Ventings on the subject. My Conclusion is… it happened, we survived it, there are lingering problems with it, it’s not the End of the World because of it so, let’s push on with Other Stuff. One Stuff will be My Hip Operation in September after My Glorious Return from the Colorado Family Reunion Tour 2013. That is if I survive bungey-jumping off a bridge over a freezing cold Colorado river while eating a pizza & drinking a beer. What a wonder for My Bum Hip. Hope the rubber-band is hearty enough. Gads.

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