Hiatus aftermath…

An afterword about The Dog’s Poisoning… and, I dare any of you to top this… the Vet wanted no money for saving My Adored Dog’s Life. He did it on Moral Grounds AND NOT on Monetary. To Our Vet, Moses, You & I were victims of an uncalled for Criminal Act of Delinquency. Sounds better in Italian. Nevertheless, A Sizable Donation was given. I am so grateful to Our Vet.

You’s Family are due to descend on the 6th of October for A Poggiolo Party 2012 Bis, since You had struck them from the Original Guest List of the September 8th party. Then, My Brother & Wife are due-in towards the middle of October. A very belated honeymoon. Once they have set-off for Firenze, I will clean & shut up il Poggiolo. It has been quite a Summer… Guests Galore… an extraordinary Heat & Humidity… a seemingly endless list of tasks to fine tune House & Garden… an anxiety-laden array of Party Preparations for il Poggiolo Party 2012… the unexpected loss of the car key… AND, THE WEIGHTIEST ITEM OF ALL = Moses’ Poisoning. Have I missed anything? Exhaustion has set in. I am ready for a Fall/Winter in Genoa. Cannot say how long the sojourn there will last. I HATE eating dinner before a TV. Gads.


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