Fire!!! Days Three & Four after…

IMG_5703Day Three of After Sunday’s Fire… the insurance adjuster came yesterday. He took a few interior shots while I kindly shined a beam up at the blackened ceiling and at the gaping hole too, took some rudimentary measurements, wrote out a “verbale” which was basically copied from the one I sent to the insurance company Monday AM, and he ended by telling me the work could begin!!!

“Gosh, that fast? But, don’t you want to see the roof?”
“No, your photos are enough. Send them to me. Are they in colour?”
“The last I saw, they were.”
“Fine. Arrivaderci!”
The End… but not really.

IMG_5703Day Four, today, Thursday, and yes, it’s the same photo from Day Three of After Sunday’s Fire… No-one wants to uncover the disaster. Or, my photos are so stunning and highly descriptive that the exercise can be dispensed with. AM appointment with our geometra. Google translates “geometra” to mean “surveyor” in Italian. I would say NO! It means “A Guardian Angle covering my back!” We went over stuff about the fire. Too lengthy to go into. The consequence of the appointment though was a PM appointment with the same geometra and the two builders… destined to do The Work… to really go over stuff about the fire. Took over an hour. The result is: the entire chimney and 24 square meters of roof will have to be entirely re-built, re-beamed, isolated, protected, secured, re-tiled, the flue cleaned & brushed and with the novelty of a NEW! NEW!! NEW!!! copper chimney-piece on top. Then, the entire ceiling and walls of the salotto will be re-appointed… detailed painting… followed by a couple of coats of paint… for the second time this year!!!… in our signature Sage Green. The attending three gentlemen’s eye-balls popped out of their sockets when I told him what just one gallon of the paint costs. Thank God, they know the store where I bought it. I often think Italians imagine Americans cart over in their over-head bags nifty stuff found ONLY in the United States of America. Ha!!!


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