Design or decoration…

Putting M’s S Episode well behind, allow me to turn to a more informative topic… a lecture, perhaps… on how You & I pulled off il Poggiolo Project. Sounds so American. Its interiors, then. So many of Our Genoese Guests at il Poggiolo Party 2012, who had ONLY heard brief communiques of Our Three-year Shebang , asked to know of Our Design Philosophy. Philosophy, yes. Design, no. I HATE the word.

In today’s world of interiors, the obsession of evidencing design has created only boredom… to me & You. So dull it’s akin to the worried question… Have folk forgotten how to read? Certainly numbed in how to look, with so much thanks to the dictatorship of the photo. But, I digress.

The other day, I bought You a copy of ELLE DECOR, the Italian Minimalist’s Bible. I must confess… I too can oooo & awww over slabs of rough-textured concrete interrupted by some nearly obscene piece of dripping abstract art. I can drool too. Conformity is a dreadful drug. Attached was a sort of catalogue of the latest in design from the big Milan Furniture Fair of last spring. Because I look at magazines from the back to front, I arrived first at a block-buster packed round-up of the Top In Kitchens. Lord! They all looked the same. The only differences from one to the other were material changes, strictly optioned. Pages of sharp, severely volumed cabinets & counters overlaying enormous empty spaces below. Yes, perfect for a 25,000 square foot loft with 1/4 dedicated to a kitchen. Everyone lives in one, don’t you know? By the way, You HATES to see kitchens. Prefers to have them hidden away in some corner of the house, as if to isolate the Guests from My Screams of Torture while I’m cooking up another dinner for six.

I don’t want to have design yelled at me, without any escape. I like to look & feel & smell other things. Off-beat color choices, funky furniture fashions, an unexpected array of accessories & artwork. If I must succumbe to design, then, let it be to decide where & what size door ought to go between one part of the house and the other, the arrangements of the bathroom fixtures so there isn’t a LA expressway lay-out below the terra-cotta tiles and/or to have a reasonable answer to The Question… Can we get two 200 x 100 cm sofas in there? After that, I want design to disappear. You does too. Is one party to the drawings underneath, a Michelangelo fresco? CERTAINLY NOT!!! Ditto for interiors. Design is for figuring out the practicalities of structures, assemblages, arrangements. Then… Bow out, please. Let’s move on to the Fun Stuff.

I found the word Our Philosophy in the Apple Dictionary… serendipity. Yep. That captures it for You & me. But more on that in another blog. You weren’t thinking I was going to divulge all in one shot, were you? Silly notion. Gads.




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