Design or decoration… again

What I have learned in designing…

I was a footwear designer for several years. When I began, My Design Method was to make a base drawing of a particular shoe form. Then, I’d overlay pieces of paper on top and carefully draw-out ideas, options, developments. I thought this would save time. I needed to arrive at a shoe factory with a set of clear & accurate final designs. I was working like a robot and found the process to be dry, lifeless, though many of the designs were made into very commercial shoes. After a couple of seasons, as my confidence grew, I abandoned this process for free-hand drawing. I had a natural flair, once I trusted my hand. The creations were visually more exciting, the ideas more original, creative. The shoe designs simply grew from the pencil sliding across the paper. I could feel them out. And, I discovered I could save time and still present readable, do-able designs. Happily, the results were vastly more fashionable & successful.

Creating the interiors of il Poggiolo involved the same process… feeling, inventing, improvising, finding serendipity along the way. Perhaps, 5 % was sitting & thinking or sitting & drawing/planning. For example, in La Casetta, You & I knew we did not want white on the walls. We talked & talked about other options… beige, light grey, even shades of blue later used for the Appartamento Azzurro, etc. I would go with a fan deck, buy liter cans of a few colors, paint them on boards and place them in the spaces of La Casetta to see how each looked. One color, a light grey which, in the store appeared to be a light warm grey, took on a subtle Sage color in the apartment. We liked it but felt the color needed to be a bit more solidly Sage. And later, from leafing through art books to walking through palazzi with Sage… or, Salvia… on the walls, we were confirmed that oranges, blues, gold & silver… & black even!!!… practically anything looked good against it. We returned to picking various samples of a Sage… more neutral, a bit of yellow, more blue… to find what turned out to be the ideal Sage for La Casetta. The process just needed a bit of patience, time & trust to allow for those happy accidents… or, what I call Serendipity. And, the bigger surprise is the journey is a lot more fun. Gads?





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