Anyone been waiting with bated breath for this? Yes, and finally, Graze a Dio, I can reveal what I only alluded to lo’ those many months ago… signature

Tah-dahhh!!! Let the bugles blare… the crowds to applaud… the banners to fly!!!

The Short Story… Italy is a perfect place for dilettante tendencies. I adore art, architecture, gardens, history, culture, fashion, design… and real-estate too! I speak the language. Well, as if it were American; God Bless, My Version is occasionally recongnised as Italian. I know everyone from principi ai contadini and many in between. I’ve been to every corner of the peninsula, with much thanks to You.  It occurred to me I live on a gold mine, one I want to show off in a way the country should be shown off… to see, touch, taste, sniff, bump into even, what makes Italy Italy. Your Italian Concierge was born! Consultation to advise, guide and recommend to those who care to explore Italy and do the booking themselves or, plan custom trips or events under any heading imaginable… tours from moments of Italian literature, i.e. le ville e i palazzi where Luchino Visconti’s The Leopard was filmed, for instance, but there are many others… fashion excursions to see where Armani’s jackets are made to shopping the nooks & crannies of Milan… journeys through public and private gardens in the heart of Tuscany or in & around Rome… to organising a family reunion in a maseria in Apuglia, the Baroque boot-tip of Italy… and on and on and on and on. I love to invent. Just want to attract those who favour that too!

What’s in store for the Italian House blog? Pretty much the same shenanigans will appear posted on living at #Il Poggiolo a Codiponte and the ebb & flow of the village yet, with the addition of posts on the wider aspects of Italy. Who knows, I might even post recipes, book reviews, places to stay, things to see & do not normally known about… and on and on and on and on!

So, please stay tuned and in the interim check-out the Your Italian Concierge website at:

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Gosh, maybe someone will even come along and make a movie about Your Italian Concierge? Wasn’t there some idiotic film with J-lo and Stud-puppy McConaughey about a wedding planner? Your Italian Concierge will try to avoid If It’s Tuesday, It Must Be Belgium. Better go out and buy a jacket & tie. Gads.