Poltergeist’s suspected 1st thefts…

I forgot to add the following to the Mysteries of the Poltergeist-Thefts. Is theft too strong a word?


There are many instances around Il Poggiolo… dammit-all-to-Hell… of stone thefts!!! I began to notice, but made no stink of it, of occasional voids in the stone architecture of Our Innumerable Retaining Walls of Il Poggiolo’s Garden. The first sighting was right when the builder + work-guys began to build the cordolo… the re-inforced concrete & iron & stone wall capping to which the new roof of L’Appartamento Azzurro would be anchored. I cringe with shame… to this day!!!… to remember about how bold I was to ask one of the work-guys if, by any chance, they had extracted for convenience sake, a few well-formed stones from the Our Walls. The work-guy was shocked. How could I have contemplated such an act of construction vandalism AND to suppose he or his buddy work-guys might be responsible. The inquiry was promptly archived. But, the stones kept disappearing and disappearing.

You & I had thought that perhaps an ill-humored villager might’ve periodically absconded with a stone or two just to let us know we’re guests here. You & I could not come up with any likely suspect/s. Everyone seems so truly happy to have us residing in Codiponte. We archived those thoughts too. However…


being a Medieval Religious Seat of sorts, Codiponte is endowed with several of what are called Madonnine/Ava Marias/Other. Therein are contained… for Heaven’s Sake… A Mighty AND Catholic Protectress, OUR VIRGIN MARY!!! Che gioia. A Dear Local Fellow of the village professes to have even seen her where now stands a dedicated To-The-Virgin-Mary Nook. Gosh. Well frankly, that is all Well & Good & Catholic too but, it appears to You & I that She has been slightly recalcitrant in Her Duties in fending off Pagan Poltergeists & other contrary Spirits. One of the Madonnines overlooks Il Poggiolo’s Garden!!!

In the meantime, I may have to resort to employing A Guard Dog to patrol the Perimeters & Precincts since, the those Two Very Spoiled Weimaraners DO NOT GO O-U-T at night without me. Option C would be to load up on cheap IKEA candles for the duration. Yet, I ask… must I do it all myself? Gads.

The poltergeist is us…

Happened upon one of the more delightful of Our Codiponte neighbors yesterday while out with The Dogs for w-a-l-k on My Four Legs too. The rains had abated for us to exit the h-o-u-s-e. She complimented me subito del mio recupero veloce… Guardi! Lei gira gia’ il paese!!! And, she continued by asking, since admittedly, the word in giro was I am all alone up at Il Poggiolo, how I was fairing with cooking, washing, etc. I replied fine… Niente problemi… and, changing the subject a tad, recounted the curiosity of Our Recent Mysterious Disappearances. E’ si? she remarked. You know how these Spirits work? It may be your energy is not thoroughly aligned… diciamo… with that of Il Poggiolo. These thefts are a reminder. But, they stole My Dog’s Doggie Cookies!!! So, you’re saying, You & I are the Poltergeist? Va’ be’… in un senso, si!!! We don’t have these sorts of things in Genoa. Ma certo, no! There’s no land, barely enough to grow basil and have a few chickens. We’re in the mountains here & the Apuane peaks attract Spirits and all kinds too. Gosh. From where did she get these notions? I wondered if Our Neighbor could be a relative of an author of one of those Lunigiana ghost tales? I called You on My Super-dippy Samsung Cellphone and his response… three rings on his and then he calls me on the hospital’s line… was… Puo esserci. Oh? Hell! He could have said so earlier. Now, what are we to do? Transcendentally meditate? Go on a retreat? EFT-tapping Our Energy Points? Gads.

A curious matter…

You & I cannot say whether we have thieves or, sticky-fingered fairies… for cryin’ out loud… but hey! WE’RE MISSING SOME OF OUR STUFF!!! Many of y’all might recall a post from last June about the weird disappearance of a wooden staircase from L’Esseccatoio. ‘Twas never found. Ditto for any culprit. You & I have our suspicions. Better left unsaid. In Italy, speak too soon and a foot is inserted where not wanted. Then, another incident occured last September, immediately after Our Highly Successful Il Poggiolo Inauguration Party Cum My 60th Birthday Celebration, when, mysteriously, the ONLY readily available key to My Adored FIAT Barcchetta, AKA Miss Lulu, went AWOL. ‘Twas never found. Ditto for any culprit. You & I just learned of other’s suspicions. Better left unsaid. In Italy, further investigations can & do turn messy. And now, while I lay aching & moaning in a too short hospital bed, You animatedly declared the dematerialization of The Dog’s Come-Here-For-Your-Mighty Reward, AKA their Doggie Cookies. No traces left. Ditto for any culprit. WHAT IS GOING ON?

May I say? It is the 3rd time Our 5,000 square feet of Houses + 21,500 square feet of Garden HAVE BEEN TURNED UPSIDE DOWN in search of these missing Stuffs!!!

You & I believe Il Poggiolo has a resident ghost/ghosts. Of this we are convinced. What remains is to be enlightened as to the entity’s motives. Doggie Cookies? OK. It may be hungry. A car key? Fine. A ghost may need to… secretly… blow out of Dodge City. But, a staircase???

At the beginning of our adventure with Il Poggiolo, Our Dear Dutch Friend, gave us a book on ol’ Lunigiana ghost stories. Interesting reading. The area has been rife, since Time Immemorium, with ghostly mysteries inflicting havoc upon the local populace. Instead of going BOO!!! though, now they’ve taken a consumerist bent by stealing Stuff. You & I are curious to know just where Our Stuff is being warehoused? Gads.