As old as the Romans… perhaps older

For all you architectural buffs, including those nutty enough to re-build some stone shack in Italy, there is Good News!!! I have found something to applaud on the local Re-building The Humble Abode Front here in Codiponte. But, let’s review what I so hate…

Italian House - Marsegliesithe buon mercato prevalence of the villager’s love for the marsegliesi roof tiles which: A) look like plastic; B) are destined not to fade: C) nor will they accumulate much moss; and, D) bird-do apparently washes right off with rain!!! Gosh.

Italian House - Intonaco giallothe new technology of stucco and its new fangled colours which, like their sisters, the roof tiles: A) look more than just artificial; B) will not fade; C) will hardly show the unwanted brown blotches of humidity, water infiltration or from too much lashing rain. Gosh again.

Italian House - Ringhiereand the ubiquitous metal railings. As You says… Eeets hardd too beeet sutch ooglinessss. I won’t waste a Gosh.

My major peeve with these construction materials is they have eliminated The Key Feature of Italian Architecture and this is…

Degradazione fa bellezza!!!

So now, some dear folk in Codiponte have chosen to apply a lovely veneer of natural stucco for the house they have been renovating. 20151210_144347_resized 20151210_144432_resizedThe material is older than the Romans. The Ancients mixed sand + lime cooked out of stones in ovens to make a malt for mortar and as a stucco wall covering for external and internal uses. The natural stucco stuff breathes. Yes, all stone walls need to inhale & exhale and the natural stucco allows that. Other attributes are: A) the natural stucco’s varied, light brown colour is its most charming aspect; B) is looks terrific with stone; C) you can paint on it; and D) it ages beautifully too. Degradation makes beautiful!!! Gads.

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  1. Yes, we did but, as arbiter of taste & style in the community, few listen and follow our example.

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