Not quite everything but…

Let’s gander at My Self-portrait while I devise an explanation about myself…

OK… thought of how to do it…

I was born at the ungodly hour of 2:38 AM in Denver, Colorado on the 7th of September 1952. My tour-of-duty in Denver was brief… 6 months… thanks to the dictates of Corporate Displacement. About every 3 years we moved to another city… Portland, Denver again, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta. I elected to return & stay put in Atlanta after graduating from the University of Denver with a B.F.A. Degree in Painting. 3 stints in the City of My Birth. Tried a career in retail. The lasting imprint of those experiences was a love of fashion. Perhaps, not enough. I was determined to stay where I was. Wanted roots more than love. I went back to school and graduated from Georgia State University with a M.F.A. Degree in Interior Design. Space planned for Corporate America. Boring dictates. Life was not working out. A Big Change was necessary. Try fashion, Forrest… in Italy! The initiative seemed less daunting than NYC. I came over on TWA to do just that.

Ended up as a footwear designer for 12 years. Tons of shoes under that bridge.

Tired of the constant travel, having friends always in other cities than where I supposedly hung My Hat and no Squeeze to come home to, I quit, left Zurich, where I was living & working at the time, and moved to Florence, Italy. Life got interesting. Met You almost immediately. A blind date. Funny. He’s an eye doctor. Our courtship lasted a year. Life got even more interesting. Bought & moved to an apartment with You in Genoa, Italy. Bought the cantina of a 16th Century palazzo in the city’s Historic District for a studio. Made art, had a few shows, messed around, etc.

You & I then bought & moved into a loft in a 30s palazzo off the port of Genoa. Though spacious & grand, it was 3 flights up. I wanted a piece of Italian territory to call my own. Discovering the Lunigiana through a friend and realizing it was within My Father’s Law of driving less than 1 1/2 to get there, I house-hunted until… well, until Destiny took over by steering me to Codiponte, Italy and il Poggiolo. Thus, this blog.

3 thoughts on “Not quite everything but…

  1. Greetings Forrest. Last year I purchased a stone house in a small village up the mountain road from Tresana in Lunigiana. I am 64 years old and on my own, and I like it that way. Well, I have learned to like it that way. Two husbands, one child, a few pets and a hefty career, what’s left energy-wise? I recently discovered your blog and in one day (yes, it took an entire day) I read all of your postings from the beginning. I had a slight headache at the end of it, but I think that was more the wine I was drinking than your writing 🙂 My village home was partially restored when I bought it and I’m trying to finish everything “long-distance” with visits to Italy 6 months apart, so I can move in next year. Not only were your blogs entertaining, but I connected with the whole renovation stress thing. Your house looks lovely by the way. In the meantime, I’m working hard and fast to save as much as I can in the US before I officially retire (I’m a Public Health Consultant) but i am sooooooo ready to STOP! I am taking Italian classes so I will have some language baseline before I move, and I’m coming for a month this October to try to finish the last dusty dirty work. And yes, I am at the point of choosing colors for the painting. ARGHHH! I have some ideas and US paint chips, but I’m sure the colors there will be different. So, enough of my rambling. Perhaps we may meet someday, no doubt in an antiques market. You can tell You about my passion for antiques. So bless you sir, may the tasks ahead of you be easy breezy as the young folk say now. Jaya (MPH, DrPH) Los Angeles, CA (but I’m really a New Yorker!)

  2. Dear Jaya,

    Thank you for taking the time to read… Good Lord… all of my blog!!! Even more thanks for taking the time to write. Very pleased to read your story and I would be delighted if you’d let me know when next in the Lunigiana. Best via e-mail: All the best… Forrest

  3. Sweet Forrest, What a romantic life you have led( at least to observers) Your artistic side shows in all you do! I am so in love with your blog I have reread it many times. You are such a hard worker and soooo determined to finish on time for the party. I am sorry we will miss it but, hopefully, by the time we get there you will have fully recovered. Every thing sounds amazing and well thought out by the way.
    See you soon
    Hugs Laura

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