A new earthquake scale…

IMG_3516Our Renter of La Casetta is A Dear & Conscientious Man. He is quite handy to have around too since, he’s the Pharmacist down in Gragnola. Home delivers too. Not bed, eh? Poor thing though. The Man is paying rent on a house which has cracked plaster practically at every glance, especially upstairs in the Master Bedroom. I ran into him today on the Medieval bridge after an early morning of tremors galore… seismic wake-up calls… AND THEY WERE STRONG ONES TOO!!! Good Grief. The Pharmacist told me that while wide awake and still lying in bed after the Early-morning-tremor Numero Uno, he began to devise what he feels to be A Totally Accurate Method in determining the Force & Intensity of an earthquake and/or tremor. La Scala Mauro… or, the Maurice Scale. He counts the number of plaster flakes jettisoned off a particular wall of the MBR. His scale is simple. For instance… four flakes = 4.0… three flakes and a bit of dust = 3.4… two flakes = a solid 2.0… and so on and so forth, up & down the new scale. Excellent news I said. Finally, someone has taken The Visual Evidence and used it to transform those anonymous Richter #s into a credible & understandable system. An accurate one too in light of the news on the TV of this morning’s seismic seizures. This new scale answers The Question… So? Hey! A 4.4. What’s that look & feel like?┬áJust put your head down to the floor and count those plaster bits and you’ve got Your Answer!!! The Pharmacist has proven himself to be still handier. Reminds me… I have to call the maid to remove the evidence to avoid confusion. Gads.











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