A better mouse trap…?

Minding My Own Business earlier this week, I happened to look down to see scurrying along the threshold to the Stanza dei Tini a field mouse. Oh, My God… TOPO GIGIO!!! Nina-beena… or, Miss Investigative of the Canine Division… rushed over, snatched up The Poor, Small and nearly Totally Blind Creature and carried it off to an ignoble Death on the field of play up on the Ramp. I may have to atone for that.

Until that fateful day arrives, I may instead need to first deal with A Developing Problem, i.e. suspicions of a growing colony of Topo Gigii on My Codiponte Premises. So, I drove down to Gragnola to pay a visit to the local consorzio agrario¬†for the latest in a mouse trap. I was enthusiastically shown brochures edifying the latest killing technology for A Mouse Problem. Apparently, a Dr. in NYC… of what? Mice-ology? Chemical weaponry?… has designed, manufactured & sold world-wide a better mouse trap. The two-piece plastic housing is no great shakes. A WARNING! message of POISON IN USE… and in Italian too!!!… is embossed on the top lid. Seems appropriate. A clue to the unique element of the fresh in from America killing technology. Said Dr has determined through extensive studies that mice like mouth-watering flavors, enticing aromas, tasty shapes with their poisons. Might this be due to that Disney Ratatouille flick? Oh! And may I say? I am being Truthful & Honest & Serious with what I am about to write… how about a chocolate flavored poison? Whole-wheat bread? Or, beef stew too… for cryin’ out loud… for an effective and efficient EXTERMINATION of any or all of your Topo Gigii? Well, come on then! I chose chocolate, to test the superlatives espoused by the consorzio’s owner’s son. This may just ruin My Love of chocolate. Gads!

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