Season of guests…

IMG_1056The Guest Season 2013 is on!!!…

The first shot arrived on Wednesday. Five under 25-somethings spilled out of a rented FIAT SUV… an Italian oxymoron, if there ever was one. And, what an eclectic bunch too: 3 Canadian girls… sorry. They should wear tags, spiffy-up a recognizably national accent or, sport weird ethnic hair-dos, so we, Ignoramuses of the World, might take them for Canadians instead of, mistakenly, as facsimile Americans… an irresistibly confidant & charming Brit-fellow from Newcastle preforming the service of Master of the Ceremonies, and a tag along token American. Like puppies eager for the next bit of fun to run, the crew pulled out back-packs, purses, heavy-duty shopping bags filled with recent wine purchases and… and since IT IS 2013, several ipad & imusic-boxes…???… and off we all… The Dogs included… climbed up the multi-ramps of Il Poggiolo to the Appartamento Azzurro. They were unprepared for their mouths to drop open upon entering the once-upon-a-time abode of the contadini. Became hard for them to leave the scenic overlook terrace of the apartment to go out to dinner in a local osteria. I had to call the owner twice to move the reservation to a much later hour.

The kids are here until next Wednesday. They intend to tackle Rome before dispersing to their respective home-countries. I have two days to restore Peace & Cleanliness before a professional photographer shows up to photograph what-all… both inside & out… of Il Poggiolo and the next bout of Summer Guests. An American family from Nebraska with two uncles in tow. One & all hankering to restitch their Italian roots yanked from a village nearby to Codiponte immigrating to America. Cannot wait to discover how-why-when Nebraska was chosen to set-down new roots. However, the email exchanges have been delightful with the Team Leader.

Due in afterwards are an Australian family on, apparently, a standard holiday of 6 weeks on the Italian peninsula, an American couple from the retirement community in North Carolina where My Dear & Aged Mother lives and, again, another crew of Australians… well, a couple from Melbourne in Italy for some R & R after a conference in middle Tuscany.

I get a breather by fleeing to the US for a family reunion… shhh!!! It’s a surprise.

And then, joy of joys, I go into hospital for a hip replacement operation. Ah, yes! Burying 2,000+ flora with a shovel has taken its toll upon my 60 year old hips. Che sara’… gads.


A late update at Il Poggiolo…

IMG_3483IMG_3481Thanks to the overwhelming gift of WAY TOO MUCH WATER from Mother Nature… and more is on its way for this weekend!!!… The Garden here at Il Poggiolo is now a riot of color. Sadly, before writing this long over-due blog-post, the rhododendron’s flowers have since exploded & wilted. Ditto for the boule de neige… their snow-cone style flower’s petals are now strewn across the neatly cut grassy terraces of The Garden… while the fiori dei angeli have fiercely hung on to their no longer tiny, white & pure flowers against rages of wind & rain & sometimes sun. You mentioned he could see more fiori dei angeli about. He’ll get His Wish just as soon as I can find a nursery with some in stock. Apparently, they must be a very popular plant with the Italian gardeners these days of crisis, conflict & conflagration. Or, they could care less for them and thus are never ordered. In that case, and par for the course, both You & I are GO! for going against The Gardening Grain.



Other Fronts with The Garden or Not…

a neighbor is re-building his legnaia… hut for wood… as a Guest BR & Bath below where Il Poggiolo’s Chickens & One Rooster once roosted. Since The Cute Builder is passing through our property’s back entrance to unload building materials & carting off the debris, he gave us the legnaia’s roof to burn for this winter. We may go through it now, what with the nightly temps hovering at 6C… a bone chilling 42F!!! The Dogs are very unhappy.

And The Mighty You valiantly spent a week of his cherished Vacation Time helping me cut, cart & clear enough unwanted flora… i.e. weeds… to fill five tractor loads. Again, The Cute Builder gladly made those piles disappear with n’er a complaint. Normally, I’d burn the stuff to spread over the wanted flora but, every other day is a rainy day sort of dampens that idea.

That’s it for now. Gads!