Cucina Redux…

I know. These flat designs are so confusing to understand. 
So, what’s the deal with this Kitchen Plan? 
Well, You & I agreed to go back to the Rustic Kitchen Idea used in La Casetta’s Kitchen of half-walls to set the Carrara marble counters on and the appliances shoved underneath. Well, not the refrigerator. It will be too tall to fit underneath. I’m too old to bend over all the time pulling stuff out of an under-counter frig. 
OK… to orientate you two-dimensionally… the Entrance Door is at the bottom right of the drawing. At the top right is the archway leading to the Sala da Pranzo… or, Dining Room. In between those two poles, so to speak, is the door leading to the Stanza dei Tini… or, The Wine Barrel Room. How prosaic… AND to the all important Bathroom, A Logistical Element conceded by You. How nice.
Across the top, from left to right, is a space for the refrigerator on the far left, then, a two-holer counter. In one hole, the left one, goes the oven. The other will be a door-ed storage cabinet. On top of the counter…  smack in the middle ’cause there ain’t much space… will be a stainless steel cook-top box with four burners.
Another counter, a one + 1/4 holer, is in the bottom left corner of the drawing. The one hole will get a dishwasher. Cannot, for the Life of me, figure out what will go in the 1/4 of a hole. It’s ONLY big enough to store a bottle of FINISH DW Detergent. Oh, well…
And, finally, the stone sink goes in the window niche between the left hand corner counter and the Entrance Door at the bottom right. 
I am now fervently praying to The Gods of Space Planning… yes, it needs more than a mono-God… that a small wooden kitchen table will fit… somehow, someway… in the open space from the sink to the three-holer counter. Gads.