Remote Surveillance…

Sitting here wondering what to write, missing My Houses & yearning for Progress with Phase IVB,  the thought occurred to me…
since I am obligated to divide My Time between Genoa & Codiponte, I ought to have a web-cam installed to keep abreast of what IS OR IS NOT going on down at La Casa Grande!!!
Do you think it’s expensive?
I have a friend who owns a bistro in NYC. When she, her husband & little boy go out of town for a long weekend to nifty places like Paris, St. Barts, Marrakech!!! for cryin’ out loud, she plugs in her laptop, connects to wi-fi and VOILA!!! With web-cams in every corner of her establishment, she can check on the pot banging activity in the kitchen, switch to the over-populated & lively dining rooms, the likewise jam-packed entrance foyer, all over the place. Then, if something Good OR BAD meets her eyes, I suppose, she just puts the laptop on SKYPE speaker-phone & makes her views known to The Staff at the other end of the cameras. I WOULD LIKE TO DO THE SAME AT IL POGGIOLO!!!
Thinking further, however, I decided not to pursue it. I am more an on-site type-of-guy. A Life of web-cams would erase The Shock & Awe of seeing LIVE the fantasies of the Work-guys when I am NOT Present & Accounted For. As you all might remember, seeing the electrical outlets put at the height of You’s collar-bone might not have translated visually on a SKYPE video-intervention.
A couple of more days here in Genoa and then, on Thursday, I’m there, on site, to see with My Own Eyes what’s what. No real sense to reduce this Re-construction Experience to that of reading on a damn Kimble!!! Gads.