My numerological chart for February 2012 said, it’s always good to have a Game Plan, however, the  one for February will be summarily thrown out on the first day of the month. And, so it has. THE EXTREME COLD ARRIVED!!! This ghastly Siberian meteorological phenomenon has slowed down to shutting down the critical work on Phase IVB… i.e. stuccoing the walls. The several necessary layers of wet stucco will just freeze & fall off, if the temps are anywhere near 32F. 
But drat… I’m blocked too by THE EXTREME COLD!!! Have I mentioned that The local pharmacist & wife are moving into La Casetta? All traces of My Stuff must be vamoose by February 29th. Before that can happen, the Laundry Room… where much of My Practical Stuff from La Casetta will be warehoused… must be painted with a water-repellent enamel but, it can’t. IT’S TOO DAMN COLD!!! Yep. No Heat in there yet.
The working fireplace up in the Apt. Azzurro will need, at least, three 24 hour days of a constant fire to get the walls of that space conditioned to Heat. But, that can’t happen. IT’S TOO DAMN COLD!!! I can deal with the chill. My Two Weimaraners cannot. So, none of My Non-practical Stuff, which must find its Permanent Home in the Apt. Azzurro… My Actual Bedroom!!!… can be moved out of La Casetta either.
Are you able to follow all this?
And, if All My Stuff, regardless of type, cannot be moved out of La Casetta, then, the Work-guys cannot come to preform some minor repairs, etc., nor can Our Cleaning Lady come & give the place a thorough scrubbing. She’d gladly come tomorrow. IT’S TOASTY WARM IN LA CASETTA!!! But, it’s full of My Stuff. Gads.