The Temps…

-02C… -08C… -04C… 00C… -07C… +01… -03C… +03C… +02C… Yes, just a few of the local Highs & Lows here in Codiponte of Our Big Chill 2012. 
The Work-guys have barricaded all the windows in La Casa Grande with wood, styrofoam, plastic, & loose bricks to keep the gales from making the inside way colder than outside. Tough climate to work in. 
I am in Genoa. Ditto for the temps here too. If it were snowing, I’d be down in Codiponte. Nothing better than to curl up on the most uncomfortable Black Chesterfield Sofa in the World, reading a book in front of a fire with The Dog snoring alongside me, while outdoors, it’s snowing. However, it is gloriously sunny!!! And freezing cold. Can’t enjoy myself with guilt not to be out in the open air… Siberian too… or to suffer actually staying out in that air for more than a few minutes. The winds beats me to a pulp, for starters. The Dog adores it… darn him!!!
In the meantime, New Kitchen Plans are a’brewing. Gads.