What the Work-guys Left For the Weekend…

The Work-guys left last Friday, promptly at 5PM, and this is what they left in their wake…
I-beams galore…
and the door opening to the Bathroom fixed up with stones.
And, here is a shot of the tini… or, wine vats… used to hold our 500 liters of water. The one in the corner will get a huge plastic container at some point during the Phase IVB construction cycle. Thought it might be interesting for you all to see the tini now that there is a way to take a photo from above. And You said not to do a door. Gads.

The Sky Above Il Poggiolo…

January 29, 2012… yesterday’s view. No time to fool with a shot today. Too busy drawing up the electrical plan for Our Builder. It’s due tomorrow. Anyway…
it was supposed to snow but, it didn’t!!! You ran into a blizzard in Genoa on his way back.
NO TREMORS!!! Certainly not, on a Sunday. Gads. 

The Sky Above Il Poggiolo…

January 28, 2012…
the day after Our Quake.
Toured the entire complex twice last night with a high-powered flash-light to make sure all the temporary supports AND walls were still in placed for the structural work of Phase IVB. All seemed A-OK.
I went to bed with gym pants & a long sleeve T-shirt on. Shoes on the floor below my bed. Flash-light on the night stool too. I put a jacket, scarf & hat at the front door. Felt pretty sure I could get out dressed for freezing temps, if another tremor were to strike. Not so sure about rousting The Dog. He abhors to leave the comfort of his velour-covered mattress on the black, long & semi-uncomfortable sofa in front of a blazing fire. I told him he HAD to collaborate if the Earth shook, because I was not interested in dragging his 65 lbs to safety. He yawned. Gads.

I Spoke Too Early…

I spoke too soon about the fireplace in my last posting of two hours ago. Not a second after I hit the PUBLISH Button did the Earth shake. A GREAT BIG SHAKE!!! 5.4 on some scale. Richter may be too hard to pronounce for an Italian. The epicenter about ten miles away at a depth of 30 miles. THAT was Our Greatest Fortune!!! Had the quake occurred just under the Earth’s surface, I would, probably, not be writing this post. Thank You, Lord. Gads.

It Works!!!!!

May this day… Friday, January 27, 2012… go down in History!!!
From the time I signed the contract for Phase III till today, eleven months have Come & Gone. And though I now have HEAT in the Apt. Azzurro, there are still many touch-ups needed to finish the fireplace. I wonder how long they will take? Gads.

The Way To The Bathroom…

Yes! The new opening for a door to the Stanza dei Tini AND… for me… the Bathroom. 
I DO NOT LIKE the looks of that HUGE crack running down between the new and the old front door. We think that after the earthquake in ’22, the owners re-built the damage in a cheap manner… small stones and little stucco between them. Means we will probably have to put in another iron I-beam and a couple of vertical supports, when the Work-guys re-build the old front door. Gads.

Damn Hard Lesson…

Damn hard to find The Right Blue… a bright, happy, intense, rich, illuminating, different, new, lively blue that does not fall into dark, dull or hits the road to Teal. 
I spent two hours on the Internet last night searching, searching, searching for a blue paint color which might meet Our Rigorous Criterion. Here’s the list of sites…
1.   Fowler & Ball… Home to Elephant’s Breath
2.   Ralph Lauren… how come his examples DO NOT EVER LOOK like the paint in the photos???
3.   Benjamin Moore… simple site, we love it but, alas, No Right Blue
4.   Sherwin Williams… ditto
5.   Glidden… tints for mobile homes
6.   Behr… drastically too complicated a website just to have the color fan deck
7.   Crown… forgettable
8.  Dutch Boy… and they still have the Dutch boy on his swing holding a bucket of paint. How quaint for 2012, no?
9.   Pittsburgh Paints… industrial looking
10. California Paints… dreadful interiors for iiinspeeerations
11. Olympic… could never download successfully their ColorPic. Che sara’ sara’
12. Kelly-Moore… ???
13. Guggenheim Paints… they should be shot for their website… beyond obnoxious AND arrogant
14. Montana Paints… must take up street art with spray cans of ozone destroying colors
15. Porter Paints… more of ???
and, from Australia…
16. Dulux Paints… their stylists out to hit Aborginal art sites for colors other than dull blue, tan, brown 
17. I even went to Martha Stewart’s blog about mixing colors at Home Depot, for cryin’ out loud!!!
For further frustration, I surfed to Pantone, where I took to drink from searching colors from a postage stamp sized example. Deciding that what I had chosen WAS NOT IT, I had to scroll down all over again to the Blue Range to find another, more acceptable color. That exercise wasted My Precious Time!!! Besides, no bright, happy, etc.
The Lesson from this adventure to find the Right Blue it this…
A truly bright, happy, intense, rich, etc. colors CAN BE HAD in the Yellow… skipping Orange… to Red, to Pink, to Violet and a couple of Greens. The consequence of hunting in the Green Group KILLED My Desire for A Sevres Green.
I am now going to hit art books for The Right Blue. Titian HAS GOT TO HAVE IT!!! Gads.